Posted by: L | September 25, 2009

Initial Shelter

The first thing you’ll want to do once the worst is over is travel to higher ground and set up camp while you regroup.

A small tent that is easy to carry should be with your bug-out bag. Somewhere near your planned safe area should be several stashed tents, GP smalls or GP mediums from a military surplus store are good. Don’t hide them all in one place in case looters find one of your stashes.

Set up your bug-out tent first to shelter your supplies, the children, the elderly, and the sick or injured. Then you can work on recovering one of your larger tents and setting it up.

Most people won’t have prepared, but be willing to take in survivors if they are willing to be productive members of your camp. There will be lots to do… keeping the children calm, taking care of the sick and those in shock, setting up camp, finding any supplies nearby.


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