Posted by: L | October 2, 2009


Knitting is somewhat popular now, but it will be a necessity later when clothes are no longer available from the shops. Any yarn shop will be happy to help you choose some basic tools to learn with and even help you get started.

Most knitters end up stashing yarn whether they are preparing for the end of civilization or not, so no worries there. Large (like the ginormous ones) ziplock bags are recommended for storing your stash so it will survive AND be easy to load into your bug-out vehicle.

Wool and Alpaca yarns are recommended for their warmth even when wet, with the alpaca being the less allergenic of the two. Synthetics are ok, but go for the wool if you can. Cotton should only be used for summer as it does not hold heat when wet. Good for summer but bad for winter.

If you keep a few sheep or angora goats you’ll have a supply of fiber for making more yarn. An alpaca would be nice, but they are big and may be hard to keep fed.


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