Posted by: L | October 11, 2009

Earthbag Home Building

You’re gonna need to build some permanent housing once you’ve chosen a location. Can’t leave the kids out in the cold!

Earthbag home building is labor intensive, but not difficult, and doesn’t require a lot of expensive equipment. At most you’s need bags, Sand bags or poly feed bags, shovels, buckets, a couple tampers to pack the bags down, and maybe some barbed wire to lay between the layers to prevent slipping. Easy enough to stash some where and the rest of the materials can be “dug up”.

You may also want an Earthbag building book or two, sealed in plastic, to help figure out construction.


  1. I am in need of a earthbag home.I have land to put it on. I don’t know how much the bags cost. i live on a fixed income, and need some help.My daughter lives here with me, and has allergies that she cannot be around chemicals,smoke,perfumes etc.We both live on my small income.We are trying to find a way to get a well dug. We haul our water from 15 miles away.We have no windows in our living space.We have so many holes in our place it is unreal.We burn up in the summer, and freeze in the winter, and get water everywhere when it rains.I want to build a earthbag home so we could mabey just have a normal life.I JUST WANT TO TAKE A SHOWER, OR SOAK IN A TUB. I don’t even have a normal working kitchen.I heat water in a coffee pot just to wash dishes or ourselves.Can you tell me where I can get help? please

    • If you are going to build it yourself, you’ll need shovels, lots of empty feed bags (you should be able to find them at farm supply shops) or sand bags, and maybe some barbed wire (goes between layers to prevent the bags from slipping). Check my links on the right, I believe I have one or two earthbag sites listed. You can also find how-to videos on you tube. Shouldn’t cost too much for the bags, you don’t need the super expensive poly tubes they make for earthbag homes.

      Not sure how else I can help. Try some how-to searches online, learn how to become self-sufficient.

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