Posted by: L | October 19, 2009

Long Term Wool Storage

As most people who have wool items know, Moths love to eat wool. Protecting your wool clothing and other items is important, you may really need all those wool blankets come winter, only to find holey moth-eaten rags.

I came across this idea for “nitrogen packing” grain using airtight containers and Dry Ice, which i think will work for storing wool too. Moths can’t breathe without oxygen, just like us!

Wool is bulky, so you may want to use clean, air-tight-sealable 55 gallon drums. Put your blankets or clothing in then add your dry ice. You may want to set it on a plastic plate to avoid freeze-damaging your top items. Put the lid on loosely and wait for the evaporating Dry Ice to displace all the oxygen. Then quickly seal your container before the oxygen has a chance to get back in.

This is also good for Knitters and Spinners who want to preserve and protect some of their long-term yarn and wool stash.



  1. With a lot of wool, lavendar oil or lavendar flowers are good for keeping away moths as well. Sprinkle liberally between clothes and layers. Have not had any issues with moths in wool with this method! It’s also fairly cheap and lavendar might not necessarily be readily available in the aftertime, it also has multiple uses including a calming scent!

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