Posted by: L | September 7, 2010

Final Survival Prep – Neithercorp Press

This post on final survival prep from Neithercorp Press has lots of good information for getting ready NOW before anything happens. Not just good information in the blog posts, but lots of good tips and ideas in the comments too.

Beans, rice, peanut butter, flour, vitamin/mineral tablets, and dry milk are all recommended to stock up on for your food stores. They keep well, fairly nutritious, and not very expensive. Buy one or two extra bags of rice or beans each grocery trip and soon you’ll have a nice stock saved up for Emergencies.

Also learn what edible plants and weeds grow in your area. If you don’t have time to stock up enough food stores, a few good books on identifying edibles will be a life saver!



  1. You have some powerfull good information Lauri.In the effects of 2012 all family and friends are gone in my life so I alone have created a community for the preparation of the exodus of selected families to live and will already have food for them to eat.And so many other needs.Lots more to go with your helpful information.I’ll be here.Gene

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