Here is the scenario…

Worldwide disaster has taken place. Storms, Floods, Hurricane winds, Earthquakes, and all volcanoes on the planet have erupted at once covering the skies in ash. Rescue will not be coming. This has hit everyone, there is no one left in any position to do any rescuing.

You survived. Did you prepare? Or will you be waiting for… what?

The unprepared may not survive, those who do will be forced to scavenge & eat bugs. The prepared will have a plan or two and stuff to work with.

While we aren’t quite to that point yet, we have time to get ready now and brainstorm what we can do. It’s our chance to rebuild the world with a focus on peace and sharing, not war.

What is your plan? Round up your fellow survivors and get down to business. You’ll need food, clothing, and shelter. No time for fighting, arguing, and panic.



  1. Got all my canned food sorted, and water.
    Iodine bottles. Looking for a camper. Shame NBA basketball won’t be on the TV lol

  2. I have bought 40 chickens so I can breed to help my neighbors, have 4 horses two are mares, so travel was planned for, salt DO not forget to stock SALT, will be a great bartering tool and is very inexpensive! Also can be used on minor wounds and to brush teeth. You can filter water thru sand, pebbles and rock layerd with charcole from your old fires, will make drinking water, can use a bucket to layer or even a clean sock. Can use lent from dryer lent traps as a fire started source. Remember to keep the fires going once started it will be drizzling for years. Hope some of these ideas help someone, Godspeed, I will be rooting for ALL of you during the hours ahead,

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