Posted by: L | March 21, 2010

If you can’t prepare…

If for some reason you can’t make big preparations, at least study.

Take some time to learn some survival skills, basic gardening, and first aid. Hit the library, take classes, and search the internet while we still have such resources available. The natural disasters around the world are trying to clue us in that we don’t have much time left.

I may have to go this route myself short of winning the lottery. Feel free to comment with your own ideas and suggestions. Now that I’ve recovered my password here maybe I can update it more often.


  1. Se agradece sus consejos…es difĂ­cil poder prepararse realmente..los factores para ello, son demasiado


  2. I am a Medic. I agree that if funds are absent, then learn what is ediable in the wild. I JUST learned about poke (lol) and it grows ALL over my property. Study herbs as well for healing. There is vit C in stinging nettles and young pine needles make a tea out of them! The list goes on….good luck to all,,and Godspeed!

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