Posted by: L | September 29, 2009


Power plants and other public utilities are likely to be destroyed in the cataclysms and the employees who know how to run them won’t be worrying about going to work.

If you want electricity you’ll have to figure out how to produce it yourself. Some options are solar power, wind, and hydro-electric generators. There may be other ways that I don’t know of yet.

Solar is not likely to be a good option with all the gloom and low-flying clouds.

Wind Power could be a good option, if you set it up right. But you need to take it down in severe winds or risk yopur equipment breaking. So little or no power when there is no wind or too much wind.

Hydro-Electric is another idea that may work if you have a good strong current or a waterfall near by.

Of course, these all need to be researched and the necessary instructions and tool stored in your stash. Parts could possibly be scavenged, either from a dump, landfill, or abandoned vehicles.

Once you’re set up with some power you could run lights for an indoor hydroponics garden, an indoor tank for farming fish, or maybe a small fridge needed for storing medicines.



  1. Being off the grid can be tricky.You would need 21 amps in any solar panel size on a cloudy day to get 2 amps of power.But that is a charge.The most difficult part of the year that you would encounter this is in winter solstice.Living off the grid protects you from your regions power outage and keeps your most valuable assets fresh.The freezer will always work.

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