Posted by: L | September 25, 2009

Making Clothing

There will be no factories making clothes after worldwide disaster. People will have to learn how to make their own clothes. Spinning fiber, weaving, knitting, crochet, sewing, felting, and other ways of making cloth will need to be learned.

All these skills will be considered valuable again once the old clothes begin wearing out and falling apart.

If you already know some of these skills, teaching others will help. Also, you may want to learn other skills, as a teacher will be in demand at that time.

Tools that are needed for these crafts should also be stocked as they may be hard to find even now. Think about it, how many spinning wheels have you seen at Wal*Mart or hobby Lobby?

Books on these subjects need to be stashed too, visual materials are a big help and some show how to make the tools needed like hand spindles and weaving looms.


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